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Natural Personal Lubricants

TRULY ANGELIC makes every effort to turn our readers on to the highest quality products and to greener sex tips. We are the largest online resource for natural personal lubricants and eco-friendly adult toys. We've found more than a few ways to get down without dirtying your body or the planet, from buying green sex toys to recycling them when the good vibrations end. Natural sex lube is better for your body and better for the planet. Choosing a personal lubricant can be very tricky. There are many to choose from and they all have different ingredients. Let us help you make the right decision when picking out your natural sex lube.

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LELO - Adult Pleasure Objects

"Millions of people enjoy LELO, it's just sometimes the best luxuries you keep to yourself."

LELO is the world's leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products. On launching in 2003, LELO transformed the look, feel and function of how personal massagers were perceived, bringing a new level of luxury to products of this kind.

Applying the same commitment to quality, design and innovation across all product lines, LELO's unique portfolio now extends through bedroom accessories, personal massagers known as Pleasure Objects, massage oils, candles and a premium line of silk intimate apparel. Read more

The New SenseMotion™ Insignia™

Lyla™  |  Oden™  |  Tiani™

What's the best way to impress your partner in these modern times? Forget the Wii remote, drop your smart phone, and pick up a SenseMotion™ Insignia instead - here's one way to enjoy the most advanced personal massagers ever created.

Adult Sex Toys

Popular Adult Sex Toys

The G-spot Vibrator with Perfectly Contoured Form


A mid-to-large size vibrator with curves in all the right places. Her ergonomic shape offers more powerful sensations while six modes of stimulation will intrigue and delight for as long as her user desires. Made from the smoothest body-safe silicone for maximum clitoral stimulation. Read more

The World's Bestselling G-spot Vibrator


The ultimate connoisseur when it comes to pleasure. An elegant mid-size G-spot massager as beautiful to the eye as it is to touch, GIGI's flattened tip is perfect for exploring the possibilities of this most erogenous of zones. Fully rechargeable and whisper-quiet with 5 adjustable stimulation modes. Read more

The Elegant Mid-Sized Vibrator with Iconic Form


An elegant mid-size vibrator that delivers prolonged sensations through the most delicate and not-so-delicate touch. Entirely couple friendly and beautifully tailored to the contours of the female body, it is fully-rechargeable and boasts five stimulation modes, each individually responsive to a user's desire. Read more

The Beautiful Intimate Massager with Floral Motif


A discreet and fashionable appearance makes it the perfect handbag accessory, where NEA gains even more appeal through a stylish floral motif on its back and side. Its porcelain-like finish feels exquisite to touch, while a rechargeable motor and five varied modes of stimulation deliver multiple possibilities. Read more

The Intimate Massager with a Silky-Smooth Finish


A stylish yet powerful massager that has done so much more than stand the test of time. It makes a discreet personal companion that is designed for play in every sense of the word. Fully-rechargeable and able to deliver precise control through five exciting modes of stimulation. Read more

The Most Sophisticated Gentleman's Massager


BILLY is a gentleman's prostate massager ideal for exploring a more energetic sensation within. With an ergonomic design perfectly suited to the male form, he offers sustained control through five differing stimulation modes. Such versatility achieves breathtaking results. Read more

The Dual-Action Vibrator for Intense Pleasures


A sleek dual-action vibrator that reaches out seamlessly to the most erogenous zones. Motors in each pleasure point allow simultaneous or alternating vibrations as and when desired, tantalizing her user before delivering prolonged feelings of satisfaction, time and time again. Read more

The Progressive Bead System for Exercising


A stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional 'geisha balls', the beads work to strengthen the vaginal wall and PC muscles through more effective Kegel exercising. They deliver a subtle, movement-induced vibe that prompts the muscles to contract, ensuring a comfortable and convenient workout. Read more

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New Adult Pleasure Tools

The Revolutionary Couples' Ring
with Six Powerful Modes

TOR 2 is the world's first waterproof and rechargeable couples' ring, boasting 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind. Worn by a man when making love, the smooth silicone design comfortably fits all sizes, bringing a long-lasting presence to him and amazing sensations for her. The fully-waterproof design also features an easy-to-use control interface and 6 stimulation modes, always delivering the most thrilling sensations in bedroom play. Read more


LELO's exquisite range of waterproof Pleasure Objects, the INSIGNIA line delivers luxurious pleasures in an effortlessly beautiful form. Also below are the world's most exclusive massagers, for the ultimate sensual experience. Read more

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